More Mentions & Higher Flexibility

😎 Today is an important day at BrandMentions.

We launched a big update focusing on collecting more mentions and adding new features to improve the accuracy of the mentions.

Some of the things we added and improved:

  • New Mention Processing Engine - more datasources and increased crawling capacity
  • Keyword Tracking Flexibility - Broad, Exact Match & Case Sensitive
  • Multiple Language & Countries in One Project
  • Generic Brand Names Monitoring - highly increased accuracy
  • More Twitter Location data
  • Improved & Simplified Project Setup
  • Automatic Spam Exclusion

Behind the scenes this update means a complete redesign of our backend systems. The amazing team at @BrandMentions worked on this for the past six months focusing on data quality, mention accuracy and project creation speed.

Full details on the launch can be found in the official blog post:

👏👏👏 PS: A Hundred Thank Yous go to the amazing team at @BrandMentions and to our unique customers who provided so much quality feedback.

Simplified Segments and Tags

We strive to keep things simple to use while the tool evolves. Today we are doing a simplification for the Segments and Tags area.

You can now manage these directly from the "Mentions" module.

👉 The improvement allows you to delete segments or tags from the "Mentions" side-bar. This makes things simpler than they were before.


The previous administration details for Segments & Tags were removed from the Project Settings module.

Improved Filters with AND/OR operators

Great News!

Starting today you can mix filters with AND/OR operators. This was a much requested feature by people who wanted to segment their data better.

You can find the feature in the Filters area:


Below is a quick video on how to use this:

[New] Mention feed visualisation

We are launching a new visualisation mode for the "My Mentions" module.

We call it the "Full View" mode.

The new mode allows you to see a feed with expanded mentions, very similar to the feeds of popular social networks.

There are two mention feeds you can use now:

  • Full View [new] - allows to quickly scroll and view each mention
  • List View - allows you to see multiple mentions at once in a tabular mode.

👇 Below is a short video with how the Full and List view look like

Enjoy the tools!

Interactive Dashboard & Charts 📊

Starting today all accounts have access to the 📊 new interactive charts feature.

We've added this functionality in the Dashboard and My Mentions modules.

Interactive charts provide additional information that was unavailable with the static charts. For example, slices of an interactive pie chart separate from the rest of the pie when you click them and the data for the slice appears.

You can now click on any chart and get the granular data for that specific chart. Also that data can be exported in Excel or CSV format.

Check the video below to see how the new interactive dashboard works:

New Filters & Search Box

We've added a search shortcut and some new filters.

✅ New filter - Hashtag

✅ New filter - Country

✅ New filter - Context of mention

✅ Filters Search Box to quickly find what filter you want to apply

Check the video below to see how these work:

We've also fixed some bugs that caused invalid refreshing of the interface when filters were applied.

Export Chart Data (via Dashboard)

Based on your feedback, we've have added the ability to export chart data in Excel and CSV format.

This allows you to dig deeper into the data that we collect. We provide you with more control and granularity for your social and media analysis.

Blocking Unwanted Mentions

We've improved the way you can clean-up your projects by blocking future mentions from specific authors or sites.

Blocking and deleting mentions is super easy. Watch the video below to see how it's done:


  • The previous SPAM folder was removed.
  • Deleted mentions are moved to the Trash folder.

New in BrandMentions: Slack, Webhooks & RSS Integrations

We are very proud to present you our latest BrandMentions updates.

From the Slack integration, RSS feed notifications and real-time Webhooks alerts to an improved notification system this juicy update has it all.

👉 Full Slack Integration

👉 Personalized alerts using Email, Slack, RSS Feed, or Webhook

👉 Better Alerts Notification Management

smart-alerts-update_2 (1).gif

You can read more details in this blog post:

New Metrics on the Dashboard

New metrics were added in the dashboard section:

  • Mentions
  • Interactions
  • Reach
  • Shares
  • Likes
  • Social mentions
  • Web Mentions
  • Backlinks
  • Positive mentions
  • Negative mentions


You can customize what metrics you want to see in the dashboard. Check the video below on how to do it: