Brandmentions updates
Brandmentions updates

White Label for Application Domain




With BrandMentions, you now have the possibility to fully white label the tool, by customizing the app domain as well.

image (4).png

This way, the app becomes fully customizable: you will be able to add your brand identity everywhere, from the login page to the domain URL, charts, reports and so on. Your Branding. Your Name. Your Full Control.

You have 2 possibilities:

image (6).png

We created a cutting-edge brand monitoring tool, ready to use. All you need to do is personalize it to make it your own. 😉

Feed Monitor




Feed monitor is now live in BrandMentions.

This feature allows you to keep track of the posts that matter for you on any Facebook public page. You simply need to add the Facebook page URL and our app will automatically extract all the data from that page, from the last 30 days.


All your feed data will be available within My mentions, having the tag "feed". You can also filter your mentions, so you can see feed data only.


Within the Analytics section, you can get insights and data like shares, likes or interaction on the exact feeds that you are interested in. Also, if you need, you can create reports based on feed data only.


Happy monitoring! 🧐

TripAdvisor, Booking & Yelp Integration




New important monitoring platforms have been added to BrandMentions. Within the app you can now track the reviews you get on TripAdvisor, Booking, Yelp, Google My Business, Play Store, App Store, and Facebook.

You can find the Reviews section within the Project Settings area.


You simply need to add the name or the URL of your business, and you'll get all the reviews plus all the insights you need related to those reviews.


You will get the important marketing key performance indicators you need at a glance: customer feedback, sentiment analysis, user ratings, customer communication, the reason why customers leaving or the customer retention strategies that can work for your company.


To as many positive reviews as possible! 🙂 ⭐

Advanced Boolean Search




From now on, you can use advanced Boolean search operators that will allow you to include, exclude and tag specific keywords to carefully refine your search results.

This feature can be found in Project Settings >> Keywords to track


Once you activate Boolean query tracking, you can create expression as long and as complex as you need. As long as you are using the operators correctly, the sky is the limit when it comes to the elaboration of the string.

You can choose from a large set of operators that are explained here.




This feature is available for our Enterprise subscription customers.

Happy monitoring! 😎😉

Sentiment Analysis




You can now get more accurate results regarding the sentiment analysis of your mentions.

BrandMentions detects the sentiment automatically for the English language and generic topics. Using the sentiment customization feature you can further improve your sentiment detection using lists of positive or negative words.


This feature is available for the Enterprise customers.

Export Charts as JPG/PNG




Today we added the ability to export the graphical charts as image format in JPG or PNG.

It works on all the charts in the Analytics module. Below you can see how you can export the data on two sample charts.


Another export example below.


Image Monitoring




You can now track mentions based on your logo or product images.

You simply need to upload your logos or brand image and monitor when they appear online.

The new feature can be found in Project Settings >> Image Monitoring


You can use this feature to track media that does not mention your tracked keywords but only includes photos of your brand or products.

This is available for our Enterprise subscription customers.


Reviews monitoring




We recently added customer reviews extraction from the following sources:

  • Google My Business
  • Facebook Reviews
  • Apple App Store
  • Google Play Store

You can now collect more mentions about you or your competitors from review sites.

You simply need to add the appropriate URL for the review site and we will do the rest.

You can find this feature in the Project Settings >> Reviews section


Enjoy using the tool!






The Reports section was improved by adding multiple reporting sections as requested by our customers.

Below you can see the sections that you can generate PDF reports on.

This can be done on the full historical mention data or your own date range selection.


🤩 To your amazing reports!

Quora monitoring





In the past weeks we've added Quora tracking as per the request of our users.

More details on the requests can be seen here:

This updates improves the mention collection engine, bringing in more quality mentions to you.

You can find the new mention source listed in the Settings area as well as in the Filters section as seen below.



Thanks you for your feedback and support!