Brandmentions updates
Brandmentions updates

More Mentions & Higher Flexibility

😎 Today is an important day at BrandMentions.

We launched a big update focusing on collecting more mentions and adding new features to improve the accuracy of the mentions.

Some of the things we added and improved:

  • New Mention Processing Engine - more datasources and increased crawling capacity
  • Keyword Tracking Flexibility - Broad, Exact Match & Case Sensitive
  • Multiple Language & Countries in One Project
  • Generic Brand Names Monitoring - highly increased accuracy
  • More Twitter Location data
  • Improved & Simplified Project Setup
  • Automatic Spam Exclusion

Behind the scenes this update means a complete redesign of our backend systems. The amazing team at @BrandMentions worked on this for the past six months focusing on data quality, mention accuracy and project creation speed.

Full details on the launch can be found in the official blog post:

👏👏👏 PS: A Hundred Thank Yous go to the amazing team at @BrandMentions and to our unique customers who provided so much quality feedback.